Daredevil (Vol. 1) #5


Cover Date: December 1964

Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Wally Wood

“The Mysterious Masked Matador”

Plotters: Stan Lee, Wally Wood

Scripter: Stan Lee

Penciller: Wally Wood

Inker: Wally Wood

What’s Going On?

A new villain, the Matador, has defeated and publicly humiliated Daredevil! How will the hero redeem himself?


  • Daredevil is on the trail of a new villain that has been terrorizing the city: the Matador!

  • Daredevil doesn’t catch him on the first try, though. Back at work, Foggy realizes that he will have to work late, so he asks Matt to escort Karen to a costume party; Foggy will catch up with them later, he just didn’t want to ruin his date with Karen.

  • At the party, Matt realizes that the Matador is in attendance, and is robbing the place! Unfortunately, he cannot leap into action without raising suspicion or revealing his secret identity. Ultimately, he decides to bring attention to the thief by making a loud remark:

  • The men at the party try to apprehend the Matador, but he manages to evade them.

  • Karen decides that all this action is too dangerous for a blind man, and shoves Matt into another room. This gives him an opportunity to switch into his Daredevil costume.

  • When DD joins the fracas, he is also unable to stop the Matador. The noisiness of the party is impairing Daredevil’s radar sense.

  • Daredevil fights on, anyway, and the Matador makes him look like a fool in front of an audience. After the Matador escapes, DD sneaks away and changes back into his civilian clothes.

  • But life goes on. The Matador keeps committing crimes, and Daredevil…well, I guess he takes some time off, as his reputation has taken a hit. In the meantime, he decides that he should make his love for Karen known.

  • But wait…Foggy is planning to propose to Karen! Matt decides to keep his feelings to himself, rather than compete with his best friend for Karen’s affection.

  • Daredevil then decides to do some research, and deduces the Matador’s true identity. It’s turns out the Matador was secretly…a former matador.

  • To draw the vain villain out, Matt Murdock holds a press conference and declares that the Matador is actually Daredevil in disguise!

  • The Matador took the bait. He came to the office of Nelson & Murdock to confront Matt for slandering his name. Instead, he found Daredevil.

  • Without the noise of a loud crowd to distract him, Daredevil handles the Matador with ease.

  • In the end, Daredevil defeats the Matador, and the bad guy goes to jail. Since DD did this publicly, his reputation is restored. Oh, and Foggy hasn’t proposed to Karen yet, either. The end.

Is It Good?

The Matador is a terrible villain. He is truly awful. The subplots in this book are pretty bad, too; it seems very odd to me that Matt and Foggy (neither of whom is dating Karen on a regular basis) are both considering proposing to her. I wouldn’t mind this, if she had been shown in a romantic relationship with either, but this is completely abrupt.

This was my first experience with Wally Wood’s artwork. I was a little underwhelmed. I like the “double-D” he added to Daredevil’s costume, and I liked that he clearly is trying to make Daredevil appear acrobatic. On the whole, though, it just didn’t strike me as anything special. Will my opinion on Wood change over time? I hope so!


  • This is the first time a Marvel comic has highlighted an artist’s name on the cover.

  • This is also the first time Marvel has thanked any creators who left a title.

  • This is the debut of the “double D” on the chest of Daredevil’s costume.

  • This is the first appearance of Manuel Eloganto: the Matador. He was once a world-famous matador in Spain, but he became infamous for his cruelty toward the bulls. He doesn’t have any super-powers, but he is extremely agile and has a thin sword.
  • This is the first time readers “see” what Daredevil “sees” with his radar sense.

  • Just a reminder: Daredevil is blind.

  • We have a Daredevil pin-up!

Comics Are Goofy:

  • I, too, am confused by the Matador’s cape. Does that make me a superhero?

  • Kids are the worst.

  • Look, no one robs an alarm factory because factories don’t have piles of cash. It’s that simple. You’re not an under-appreciated genius, dude.

  • Daredevil: law-breaker

  • If you’re trying to find someone and confront them at their workplace, wouldn’t during business hours make more sense?

  • Why does a room full of people screw up DD’s radar sense, but people shouting from their windows in New York City does not?

  • Was it inevitable that the Matador would get “gored” by Daredevil’s horns?

Well, That Aged Poorly:

  • Ah yes, the storybook romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

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