Journey Into Mystery (Vol. 1) #108


Cover Date: September 1964

Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Sol Brodsky

“At the Mercy of Loki, Prince of Evil!”

Plotters: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Scripter: Stan Lee

Penciller: Jack Kirby

Inker: Chic Stone

“Tales From Asgard: Trapped By Trolls!”

Plotters: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Scripter: Stan Lee

Penciller: Jack Kirby

Inker: Vince Colletta

What’s Going On?

Loki decides to attack Thor’s love, Jane Foster, rather than Thor, himself. Luckily, Thor’s new ally, Doctor Strange, is able to help Thor and Jane.


In “At the Mercy of Loki, Prince of Evil”:

  • While going about his normal heroic duties, Thor was summoned by Doctor Strange. The Doctor was weak after a fight with Baron Mordo, and near death. Thor got the Doctor medical attention and then treated him as Doctor Don Blake.

  • While in surgery, Blake receives a summons from Odin. Blake must ignore it to save Doctor Strange’s life (which he does); Odin is livid with his son for ignoring him, and promises to reprimand Thor when he returns from battle.

  • With Odin gone, Loki sneaks back to Earth to harass his brother, Thor.

  • Disguised as an old man, Loki visits Doctor Blake’s practice, and manages to throw Blake’s cane —- the one that gives him the power of Thor —- our the window!

  • Loki then kidnaps the unconscious Jane Foster, while Doctor Blake realizes that he cannot transform into Thor.

  • Blake cannot find his magical cane on his own, so he turns to the still-recovering Doctor Strange for assistance. Strange finds the cane, and soon enough, Blake is able to transform back into Thor.

  • Thor tracks down Loki, and the two begin to fight.

  • Loki momentarily gets the upper hand in the fight, and he takes that opportunity to try and kill Jane Foster, whom he has placed in the alternate dimension of Limbo.

  • Jane is saved by the efforts of Doctor Strange, who Thor asked to protect her earlier.

  • It looks like Thor will win the fight, but Loki is willing to make one final attack —- until one of Odin’s soldiers unexpectedly grabs Loki and drags him back to Asgard.

  • After the fight ended, Odin and Thor apologize to each other for their rudeness. Odin is still frustrated by Thor’s ongoing love for Jane Foster.

In “Tales From Asgard: Trapped By Trolls”:

  • A disguised Thor is captured by Rock Trolls, where he finds a number of Asgardian prisoners.

  • It’s no big deal, though. Thor frees himself without a problem, beats up the Trolls, frees the Asgardians, and seals the entrance to the Rock Troll caves forever.

Is It Good?

The “Tales of Asgard” backup feature was disappointing and bland, but the main story was pretty good. Thor and Doctor Strange stories share a fantasy element, so it was nice seeing them work together against Loki in this issue. The plot is a little over-complicated, but I thought it worked pretty well, overall.


  • Loki last appeared as an active character in Strange Tales #123. He was also in Journey Into Mystery #107, but it was barely more than a cameo.
  • The Avengers have a fund available to them to repay the city for damages they cause.

  • This is the first time Thor has met Doctor Strange.
  • Let’s remember this the next time Thor is looking for an Asgardian on Earth.

  • Loki’s godly constitution allows him to have amazing physical resilience.

Comics Are Goofy:

  • Do you think Thor finds dialing a phone number to be difficult when holding his hammer?

  • Is Odin is this impatient in 1964 for return communication, I don’t want to see how mad he gets in 2018 if his texts aren’t immediately answered.

  • That’s a pretty good reason for Thor to not want the Avengers to help him against Loki…except for the fact that the Avenger have already faced and defeated Loki.

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